Sunday, September 4, 2011

You, me and Him...

She was walking with him
Their hands tightly locked
He was holding her close
And she was smiling again

She was laughing with him
And nobody was shocked
He slowly kissed her nose
And I was smiling in pain

She was dreaming with him
And I was being mocked
He gave her a rose
And I kept smiling in vain

She was happy with him
And that feeling really sucked
How I wish I still was
The love who boarded her train

I had nothing against him
But a forbidden past was unlocked
And these painful memories up-close
Drop by drop, from my eyes, makes it rain...


Anonymous said...

i just want to push the "like" button :)

cyberkid said...

Thank u :)

Sckhizein said...

Oh my a sight for sore eyes!

Nitesh Kumar Roy said...

You, She and Him.
Painful yet Beautiful.

Anonymous said...